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Business Management

The temporary support of strategic and operative projects or the filling of a line function in the field of operations or information technology

Bigger projects, neccessary expert knowledge or unforeseeable failures request, that companies fall back upon Interims Manager. Ratz Business Solutions can support you professionally with over 25 years of experience in the sectors Operations and IT.

Business Workplace

That's how you work nowadays!

The workplace of the future has to adjust to always changing conditions in a flexible way.

The traditional office workplace looses importance more and more. The demand of today is to have a safe access to systems and data "Anytime", "Anywhere" and with "Any Device"  and to share these with others.


We support you with building up the Office 365 applications, the saving of data in the cloud and the collaboration solutions.

Business Analytics

We assist your company with a 360 degree approach as a project leader and solution architect from the

strategic deduction of the KPIs to the Go-Live with the proven ROKS™ method.

ERP- und finance systems are still the primary sources of business analysis as a decision support method. Apart from that, 3 trillion bytes of data are created every day. That's a 1 with 18 zeros! Raise this immense treasure of data and make your company fit for the future!

Business Processes

Professional support for software evaluation ​and the takeover of the project management with the agile project methode RBS Sure Step. The safe way for your step into the new world of ERP systems.

The efficient and effective embodiment of business processes in the age of digital transformation is confronted with new challenges.
Ratz Business Solutions accompanies customers as well as implementation partners on this journey with more than  25 years of project experience with a structured and methodical procedure.